Tower Clean TCX / TCI

Basin Cleaning Protection

Designed Primarily For
Separating solids out of Cooling Tower basins and remote sumps using strategically placed LAKOS Hydro Boosters, these systems prevent solids accumulation in the basin through continuous, active sweeping action that reduces the environmental conditions that breed harmful bacteria, such as Legionella (Legionnaires disease) For most solids removal applications in open system cooling tower or remote sumps, the standard Tower Clean filtration package systems are recommended, however when fine polishing filtration is a necessity refer to the Tower Clean PLUS systems

Selecting the Right Model
Proper selection of these products involves determining the cooling tower basin or remote sump plan area square footage and selecting the system package closely matching the square footage based on one GPM per square foot of plan area. For flows over 1670 GPM or operation depth over three feet contact LAKOS for assistance


TCX-0030 thru TCX-1670 systems with accessible separators.

TCI-0030 thru TCI-1670 systems with non-accessible separators.

For larger flows, contact LAKOS for assistance.

A packaged centrifugal separator filtration system utilizing either an accessible HTX series separator (on the TCX package) or an ILB / HTH non-accessible series separator (on the TCI package) plus a pump, inlet strainer, either a zero liquid loss SRV solids purge collection system or an automatic ball valve solids purge system, with control system mounted in a NEMA 4X, UL listed control box all packaged on a unitized skid mounting system. For Side Stream applications refer to Side Stream Clean or Side Stream Clean PLUS systems in brochure LS-715.

Basic Specifications:
30 -1670 US GPM

(6.81 – 379.09 m3/hr)