Lakos International Collaborations
LAK OS Corporation is the world leader of innovative and adaptable solutions for specic ltration problems for over 30 years. LAKOS separators and ltration systems can be used for a wide variety of applications including industrial markets. Sand Filters (CTS & STS) Lakos tower system lters are designed exclusively for the demands of your cooling system operations. Filtration down to 10 micron is provided as standard and optional medias can be provided foe 5 micron and ner ltration. There are two types of sand lter carbon tank system (CTS) and stainless steel tank system (STS) Tower Clean (TCX) Featuring the centrifugal-action performance of Lakos separators, the TCX series is an eective ltration package designed to reduce solids problems in cooling tower system reduces heat exchanger fouling, minimizes water loss & improves energy saving. Performance has been independently tested, achieving 98% removed of 5-75 micron solids. Tower Clean PLUS (TBX) Exclusive internal acceleration creates maximum performance to achieve maximum protection of uid handling systems from unwanted solids. Aside-stream lter, TBX limits solids fouling through out the cooling water loop.