Gree International Collaborations

Inverter Series
GREE VRF system adopts DC inverter compressor and the outdoor unit could be connected with several indoor units to realize independent cooling or heating control in dierent rooms.

Indoor Air Quality
Air Purifier
Gree air purier applies HIMOP and other high-technique. Through six purication functions of anti-bacterial and anti-fungus lter, catalytic decomposition of the cold catalyst, HIMOP ecient wiping out formaldehyde, HEPA high ecient lter, activated carbon adsorption technology, it can eectively remove airborne bacteria, dust, harmful gases etc.

1 , 2 , GREE (1 out of 3 Air Conditioners Sold World Wide is Made by GREE).Gree Electrical Appliances Inc is the world largest manufacturer of air conditioners integrating R&D ,manufacturing, sales and service.Gree brand is distributed over 100 countries with an annual capacity of 50,000,000 sets of Residential air conditioners and 5,500,000 sets of Commerical air conditioners. GREE has 8 production basis and has more than 170,000,000 Users all over the world.

Concealed Ducted Split
Gree U-Match Series Ducted split has combined the comfort and top grade of the central air conditioners as well as the convenient installation and facilities of mini split. It oers the perfect combination of superior product quality, highly ecient operation and reliable cost. All capacities are rated according to EN 60335. These units are manufactured under strict quality control with full conformance to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Capacity range from 12,000 BTU to 60,000 BTU. It’s the perfect choice for small supermarkets, chain stores, hotels, restaurants, oces, villas and meeting rooms etc. U-Match is also t for the small commercial and industrial applications, because it’s designed for cooling when the outdoor temperature drops to 7C. This is ideal for locations that require cooling during winter.

Inverter Series Indoor Units Indoor Units Indoor Units Outdoor Units Outdoor Units Outdoor Units Air Purifier Gree. Diamond Series U-Grace Series Change Series R410a Tropico Series (Tropical) Smile Series Silver Series Wind Series Eco Series (Tropical) Classic Series Commercial Range Cassette Type Its 4-way air supply design makes the environment more comfortable. With the features of compact structure, slim body, good-looking appearance, easy installation and overall control functions , this unit is widely used in the hotels , halls , meeting rooms , restaurants, shops, oces and so on. Floor Ceiling Type It can be installed on the oor or under the ceiling. With the features of easy and exible installation, wide range and long distance air supply , good performance, various control functions and slim body , it is especially applicable to the hotels, oces, meeting rooms with low space rooms. Floor Standing Type With a view to the dierent requirements of dierent situations (such as oce, living room and dining room) on the performance of air-conditioners, Gree initiated the Concealed Ducted Split Indoor Unit Smart Control Outdoor Units