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Inverter Series Indoor Units Indoor Units Indoor Units Outdoor Units Outdoor Units Outdoor Units Air Purifier Gree. Diamond Series U-Grace Series Change Series R410a Tropico Series (Tropical) Smile Series Silver Series Wind Series Eco Series (Tropical) Classic Series Commercial Range Cassette Type Its 4-way air supply design makes the environment more comfortable. With the features of compact structure, slim body, good-looking appearance, easy installation and overall control functions , this unit is widely used in the hotels , halls , meeting rooms , restaurants, shops, oces and so on. Floor Ceiling Type It can be installed on the oor or under the ceiling. With the features of easy and exible installation, wide range and long distance air supply , good performance, various control functions and slim body , it is especially applicable to the hotels, oces, meeting rooms with low space rooms. Floor Standing Type With a view to the dierent requirements of dierent situations (such as oce, living room and dining room) on the performance of air-conditioners, Gree initiated the Concealed Ducted Split Indoor Unit Smart Control Outdoor Units