Double Deck Air Handling Unit


With using a double deck air handler, you can utilize the more suitable energy recovery

Method that will suit your application as:



Heat Recovery Wheels


The most effective technology to reduce energy related a cost in make-up air units is the energy recovery wheel. The Heat Recovery Wheels installed in a ventilation and air conditioning systems recovers the heat and the moisture from one air stream and transfers it to the other one.


 Plate type heat exchangers:


Plate Type Heat exchangers are utilized for both the cold and warmth recovery in the A/C industry and the processing technology. These belong to the group of recuperative heat exchangers. By means of the heat exchanger, two air currents of differing characteristics (i.e. cold return current and a warm supply current) are forced to pass by each other in opposite directions or parallel to each other through thin, specially structured plates without any contact between one air current and the other