Evapco International Collaborations
Since its foundation in 1976 EVAPCO, Incorporated has become an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of quality heat transfer products around the world. EVAPCO’s mission is to provide rst class service and quality products to the global market. Centrifugal fan forced draft cooling towers are recommended for wide range of applications. It is very quiet and ideal for applications where noise is a concern. The centrifugal fans can also operate against the static pressure loss of duct work and are suitable for indoor installation The AT/UAT Cooling Tower product line is an Advanced Technology design which utilizes induced draft, counter ow technology the most ecient in the industry and the best design for operation in a freezing climate. The counter ow design provides the AT/UAT Cooling Tower with inherently better operational and maintenance features. The new ESWA closed circuit cooler is another exciting product from EVAPCO. The ESWA is a new high performance version of the original ESW with greater capacity, more models and increased energy savings! The new ESWA is able to provide higher performance as a result of our new Patent Pending Sensi-Coil™ Technology, a new coil design that provides signicant performance improvements on every ESWA model.