About Us
Tiba Engineering Group is the leading manufacturer and supplier of air conditioning systems in Egypt and Middle East. With over 32 years of knowledge and experience, the group has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation in the eld. Tiba’s determination to enhance the performance of its core businesses is demonstrated by the group’s well-grounded portfolio of over 3000 projects in Egypt and the Middle East, along with its heavy investments to improve the eciency of its production facilities in Tenth of Ramadan City, Egypt’s largest industrial area. These factories form the basis of a solid operating structure that is capable of competing in the most rigorous environments.
Our mission Is to provide central air conditioning systems of the highest value and consistent quality to our customers and to continually improve every work process in our system, which develop, produce, market & service these products.
Our goal is to be business providing an innovative productive, and rewarding environmental for our people; real value for our customers and suppliers and a reasonable ongoing return for our shareholders.
Quality is our singleminded pursuit in the application of new technologies. In our wide-ranging diversity, we Innovate continuously as we strive to provide complete satisfaction to our customers and shareholders.